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Our Values

During the process of running our business, choosing our staff and investments, our values are;

1. Being ethical: Carrying out our decisions and actions in ethical and legal terms

2. Building positive relations and communications: Being in harmony with our business partners and employees

3. Being efficient and effective: In order to overachieve personal, team and company goals

4. Risk evaluation and management: Having a full understanding of the risks in our actions and decisions we take while carrying out out responsibilities and informing our superiors about those risks

5. Believing in teamwork: Contributing in teamwork and keeping teamwork success ahead of our personal success and interests

6. Being transparent, outspoken and decent: Being transparent and decent in our thoughts, ideas and actions

7. Taking responsibility, having a clear conscious: Taking full account of our tasks and responsibilities, sharing our success with our team and being able to face our personal faults and failures.

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